Sunday, September 20, 2020

Coursework (Component 1) Grade A* / Art & Design IGCSE 0400 June 2020

Dear all,

I hope my sharing here benefit you and your students work.

Here another sample of my students' work - June Series 2020 - which I graded her Coursework component as an A* (borderline).

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Congratulations to A* IGCSE 0400 June Series 2020!

Dear all,

I am so proud to share the work of my students which I graded A* for the June 2020 Art IGCSE.

Here we go!

First set is from Keesha and for the Coursework (Paper 1) she did 'Changing Times' topic, taking her grandmother (Chinese Peranakan), mother (Indian) and youngest sister (Cindian) as her main subject matters for the creative process through out the Coursework journey.

Coursework (Paper 1) 'Changing Times'

Final Piece

Externally Set Assignment (Paper 2) : 'Rush Hour'

Final Piece


Second set is from Natasha and for the Coursework (Paper 1) she did 'Captured' topic, combining her passion in photography and painting-related media art. She decided to captured things inside her house, considering the Composition and adding in her image and the camera for her subject matters. She doesn't want to do Photography because she wanted to challenge herself in doing Painting-related media for her Coursework. 

Natasha's Coursework (Paper 1) 'Captured'

Final Piece

Natasha's Externally Set Assignment (Paper 2) : Front Cover Magazine Design titled 'Construction'

Final Piece


June Series has been crazy with a lot of conflict regarding grades and such. One thing for sure, the pandemic is no joke! I decided to grade both of them an A* because I think they deserved the grade despite pandemic (lockdown/Mco), they both really put an extra effort in all the work, especially for ESA (Paper 2)! We communicate a lot with WhatsApp, online meet and we keep in touch from time to time and I AM SO SO PROUD OF THEM and they did well in both papers.

Grade submitted to Cambridge was A* for both. Then, Cambridge lower a grade down for Natasha even without seeing her work! Luckily Cambridge made a U-Turn and agreed with grades submitted by the teacher.

I graded Keesha's work slightly higher A* by considering the consistency showed in both papers. Natasha, I graded an A* as well because her ESA paper showed good progress despite she chose to do Design for the paper. 


I'll share more on Coursework Grade A soon. 

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

All about Art & Design IGCSE 0400! Sharing tips in this coming online session with students from all around the world!

Dear Students,

Another collaboration with The One Academy and this session is FOR STUDENTS!

Come and join me in this coming Sunday, 16 August!

Let's meet up, students! Ask me ANYTHING about Art & Design IGCSE 0400!


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Date: 16th August 2020, Sunday

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Saturday 25th July : Art & Design IGCSE 0400 Dialogue Session With Me

Dear art educators,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who joined the online session with me yesterday!

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If you would want another online session like this again, do let me know.

(Thank you Ms Sammie for the photos taken during my session.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Old mock exam samples for Paper 1 (old syllabus of 0400)

Dear teachers, parents and students,

Thank you for visiting my art blog. Appreciate it a lot!
I randomly update due to P&C of the exam pieces, however, once the Art & Design IGCSE results is out, I'll post the visual outcome from my students.

For the new syllabus 0400 (2020-2022), we, unfortunately, don't have an exam due to Covid19 but we do need to submit the grades to Cambridge.
I have amazing samples from this batch (June 2020) which two of them I graded A*. I just need to wait for the green light from my Principal and confirmation grade given to Cambridge, then I shall share the work here.

The new syllabus consists of 2 papers
Coursework (Paper 1/Component 1)
ESA (Paper 2/Component 2)

I know some of my visitors here left the message at the comment box below but if you really need to reach me faster than this platform please DM me at @artandfeeda (Instagram) or you can email me at or ?

By the way, as I look at my collection folder of students work, I would like to share this old mock exam when the student was in Year 10 - Paper 1 question - 2014

Again, these samples were from the school mock exam. Hope the samples could give you some ideas in layout arrangement, media used and the flow of ideas of her's.

Thank you and have a great day!